Brown Land Services
Marcus Brown, RPL
Thank you for your interest in Brown Land Services!

My name is Marcus Brown, I have been a landman for over 10 years, working predominately in South, Central, East, and West Texas for everyone from individual land owners, mom and pop energy companies, law firms, surveying companies, midstream pipeline companies, to very large energy companies like XTO Energy, Encana Corporation, Ballard Exploration, BHP Billition, PetroHawk Energy, Tallisman Energy, CNOOC, and EOG Resources. I specialize in researching and fixing extremely complex title and heirship issues relating to land ownership, property title risk management, analysis and negotiation of all types of oil and gas documents, and analysis of potential investment performance of oil and gas interests.

Call me today at 361-728-5453 to learn about how I can assist you in meeting all of your energy land needs. My rates for individual land owners are the lowest in the State that I am aware of, and even if I cannot help you, I can steer you in the right direction to get the services that you need!